The Pathway

The Academy is a progressive coaching program that runs sessions throughout the week. 

Al our sessions are led by UEFA qualified coaches who use a rolling six week curriculum similar to professional academies.

Our aim is to develop the ability of every player that attends our sessions. 

Pre Academy

Skills Session

Development Session

Elite Session


Monday Development Session: 6 - 7pm

Wednesday Elite Session: 6 - 7pm

              Older Age Group  7 - 8pm

Friday Skills Session: 6:30 - 7:30pm

Pre Academy Saturday: 9 - 10am 

All sessions back at the Trafford Soccerdome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will attending The Academy affect my grassroots team?

No all our sessions be it The Academy or 1 to 1 sessions do not affect your team. These sessions are extra training to help your child improve their ability.

Is this a football club?

No anyone is free to join as this is on top of your team training. 

Do you only work with high level players?

NO we work with all levels from beginners to signed academy players.

Do you have to attend all three sessions during the week?

NO you can attend as many sessions are you want.

Will my child be scouted for professional teams?

Any players we feel are good enough to play at Academy level we will recommend to the Pro clubs. 

What is FCCR Manchester?

It is a Football Club we provide all the training for.  We also help train other teams too. Some of our players attend both the Academy and FCCR as they play matches on alternative days to grassroots.